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Nails in Calgary

Manicures and pedicures can be the beginning inspiration for your style, or the crowning jewel to complete a look. A fun and relaxing process, taking time to access your creative side with nail art is something we all deserve from time to time.

Whether you’re looking for monthly appointments for gel and acrylic nails, or one-time appointments for special events like grad and weddings, Shawnessy Nails and Spa offers Calgary clients a welcoming atmosphere where they can simply enjoy themselves.

Our experienced nail artists can show you examples of their work for inspiration, or are happy to work with ideas you have to create the perfect look every time. Shawnessy Nails and Spa: treat yourself!


There’s more to manicures than just applying nail polish! Our European manicures involve hand moisturizing and nail shaping as well as the polish of your choice.

Paraffin manicures use a heated wax infusion to lock in moisture, followed by a heavenly hand massage. And, hot stone manicures offer the ultimate indulgence with a hot stone massage incorporated into your usual manicure.

Choose your colour, choose your style (French manicure anyone?), add in a massage, and leave feeling ready to take on the world!


Treat your feet with a pedicure. Have you ever noticed how damaged your feet become over time? Callouses, dry skin, chipped nails… it’s not always a pretty sight. But at Shawnessy Nails and Spa, you can trust our technicians to get your feet back to their glorious selves.

Choose from a basic pedicure which includes a foot soak, filing, foot and calf massage, nail shaping, and moisturizing. Or, take it to the next level with paraffin or hot stones.

On the go? Try the mini pedi, which focuses on just the basics. Our spa has something for everyone!

Luxury Options

Are you a fan of Instagram nails? We are happy to provide our Calgary clients with the luxury options they are on the hunt for, whether it be shellac, gel nails, acrylic nails, or even solar nails.

And, when it comes to getting creative, the sky is the limit with the nail art we offer! Designs, jewels, stencils and more—just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create it for you.

There’s a lot we can do with nail polish. So, whether you’re looking for a simple French manicure or blinged out claw nails, we have the years of experience and imagination to get the exact style you desire.

Enviable Nails in Calgary

Shawnessy Nails and Spa is known for taking the classic manicure and pedicure and making it so much more. From classic looks to wild acrylic and gel nails, we’ve done it all.

For our team of technicians, nail art is not just a job, it’s a passion—and it shows. Our manicures are not only relaxing and fun to receive, but they last. Don’t worry about your set chipping off in a week. Our creations are here to stay!

Give us a call today and receive 20% off your first appointment!

The Real Difference Between Shellac, Gel and Acrylic Nails

Finding accurate and trustworthy information about nail extensions can be challenging. The Internet is full of facts that seem to confuse things more than clear them up. Every salon seems to contradict every other. By the end of it, you still don’t know the difference between shellac, gel, and acrylic nails. Thankfully Shawnessy Nails and Spa is here to help!

So what are the differences between shellac, gel, and acrylic nails? Follow this guide and Shawnessy Nails and Spa will clear everything up for you.

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are fake nails that are glued to the top of the nails. They come in a variety of lengths and can be shaped to suit every taste. Once they’re cut and fixed to the nails, nail extensions can be painted and decorated.

Gel and acrylic are the two main types of adhesives that are used to fix nail extensions to the nail. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails have been around since the 1970s and they remain one of the most popular types of artificial nails. The nail technician will mix a combination of liquid and powder to create a kind of dough. This will be spread out onto the extension, causing it to harden. The acrylic is hardened using a fan. The result is a beautiful canvas that’s perfect for going wild with creative nail art.

The disadvantage with acrylic nails is that the mixture gives off some toxic fumes. It’s therefore not recommended for pregnant women. Side-effects aside, acrylic nails are an affordable and durable way to get beautiful, custom nails!

Gel Nails

Gel nails are by far the most popular type of artificial nails today. The gel is premixed and is spread across the nail extension. The nails are then cured by exposure to UV light. Once hardened, gel nails are more flexible, more durable, and easier to remove than acrylic nails. Because the gel has no fumes, there are very little health risks associated with gel nails. They’re also easier on the natural nail that they’re fixed to.

There are two disadvantages to gel nails. If you break a nail and need to fix them at home, the process can be complicated. Most people don’t have a UV light at home. That’s why the process should be left to a professional nail technician. They also tend to be a bit more expensive than acrylic nails. But with so many advantages it’s hard to see this as a downside at all!

Shellac Nails

Shellac is a brand name product from Creative Nail Design. It is a combination gel and nail polish. Because of this, it can’t be used to extend nails like gel or acrylic products. It’s designed to be used on natural nails and poses next to no risks for your natural nail. They require UV light to cure and harden them. Although it’s best to let the expert nail technicians at Shawnessy Nail and Spa apply shellac for you, it’s easy to remove at home if you need to.